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For more than seventy years the Cross Manufacturing Company has been developing and manufacturing high quality products for applications demanding accuracy and integrity.  
Roland Cross, the company's founder, evolved a process for the manufacture of high performance piston rings from wire for his rotary valve engine. This process has been constantly developed and refined to provide an ever increasing range of quality products. The Cross rotary valve, invented by Roland Cross in the 1930s. High performance piston rings designed for these engines were the cornerstone of subsequent product and technological developments.
Cross products have been associated with many landmark engineering achievements:
By the 1940s Cross sealing technologies were making important contributions to the development of powerful aircraft engines such as the Bristol Centaurus pictured here.

Subsequently Cross sealing expertise was recognised in many diverse applications, including the compact, high performance reactors used in nuclear powered submarines.

Cross was also closely involved with benchmark innovations such as the Olympus turbines used by Concorde and the Pegasus VTO turbine technology developed for the Harrier.
Today Cross works in partnership with the world's leading manufacturers in the aerospace, power generation, automobile and associated industries, delivering elegant solutions to the demands of high performance engineering disciplines.

The Cross Museum

The company's history is recorded and displayed in the Cross Museum, housed within our original factory workshop at Bath.

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