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The Cross Manufacturing Company has extensive research and development facilities where products are tested and evaluated over extended periods in simulated operating conditions. Cross welcomes the opportunity to work in partnership with customers on research, development and test projects to achieve increased performance and greater efficiency at the leading edge of thermal and metallurgical technologies.
Cross hot test facilities for brush seals accurately recreate the operating conditions found in today's advanced gas turbines. This enables seal development and validation to be performed under true operating conditions prior to expensive engine testing.
The Cross designed fretting rig enables sealing rings to be cyclically abraded along the axis of the bore at preset frequencies and amplitudes. Pressurised air can be applied to accurately simulate expected operating conditions and the rig can be operated in a furnace to reproduce high temperature applications.
  A transverse vibration rig tests the resistance to vibration-involved loosening of Spiralock thread inserts. A data base is available to customers, containing torque and bolt preload relationships under differing friction conditions caused by lubrication and plating.
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