Friction Locking Rings, Washers & Rolled Sections

We specialise in the production of precision Friction Locking Rings, Aerospace Grade Spring Lock Washers and Precision Rolled Sections.

Friction Locking Rings

Cross Friction Locking Rings, Spring Lock Washers and Rolled Sections are manufactured using our proprietary forging process to deliver high quality and strength.

Our Friction Locking Rings are reusable locking elements suitable for fitting to many threaded assemblies including shaft nuts, back nuts and pipe fittings. 

Designed for internal and external grooves in hot or cold applications, the self-locking polygonal form provides a friction lock between two diameters. Rings are manufactured in in silver plated, heat resisting wire in Ø 0.4″ (9mm) to 8″ (200mm).
We are the only approved supplier of thread lock rings manufactured to ADS specification, standard number AS42951.

Locking Rings, Washers & Rolled Sections

Aerospace Grade Spring Lock Washers

Designed for aerospace and other critical applications, our single coil spring lock washers are made by an innovative process to meet the standards of quality and performance demanded by high technology industries.
Standard materials, sizes and designs are generally available from stock.
Customised designs can also be manufactured in a range of materials and sizes.

Spring Lock Washers

Rolled Sections

We are a world-leading specialist in the production of rolled section components made from alloy steels and super alloys for high temperature and corrosive applications.
The technique has been developed to enable application to more difficult materials such as nickel and cobalt alloys, including Inconel 625 and Haynes 25 (L.605).