In memory of our Chairman, Rodney Cross, 1940-2023

In memory of our Chairman,
Rodney Cross, 1940-2023

Cross Manufacturing (1938) Limited is sad to announce the death of its Chairman, Rodney Cross, who died peacefully at home on Sunday 31st December 2023 surrounded by his family.

Precision Sealing Solutions

Our bespoke designs and innovative design and manufacturing abilities will deliver the best sealing solution for your application

Performance | Efficiency | Durability

Metal Forming Specialists

Experts in rolling and forming delicate metallic cross-sections, minimising waste and optimising use of high value, exotic alloys

Performance | Efficiency | Durability

Your Manufacturing Partner

With versatile manufacturing processes, Cross is the trusted partner to OEMs, delivering millions of components every week

Performance | Efficiency | Durability

300 Valued
85 Global
75,000 Miles
Wire Rolled
15 Unique
1.5 Billion
Rings supplied

British Engineering, Global Solutions

Our background in high volume automotive manufacturing and established, bespoke processes make us the preferred partner in high volume, high precision and high quality manufacturing.
Bank of lathes
Material Experts

Materials and Technical Experts

Decades of industry experience make us specialists in metallic materials from stainless steels to superalloys, titanium and new materials under development for the technologies of the future.

Why Choose Cross Manufacturing?

Innovation, experience and precision is the foundation of our business. Customers choose us to provide the technical knowledge and manufacturing flexibility in order to meet their challenges in the most demanding of environments.


Specialist in metallic materials from stainless steels to superalloys and titanium

Unique Metal Forming

Bespoke, in-house designed machinery producing components of the highest precision and integrity

Size Range & Volume

From prototyping to millions, our routine production encompasses precision rings with Ø 6mm to over 2000mm

Technical Expertise

Decades of industry experience with knowledgeable, world renowned engineers

Special Processes

NADCAP Accredited EDM Welding Heat treatment NDT

Engineered for Space

Our expertise in aerospace and materials development have supported our customers in the exploration of space

Defence Capable

Our capabilities and experience include defence work, supported by our strict quality accreditations

Trusted Partner

Our outstanding quality and service makes us the first choice supplier for blue chip companies globally

Customer Base

Customers rely on us for precision-engineered high-temperature metallic sealing rings, brush seals and retaining rings for aircraft engines, gas and steam turbines, vehicle turbochargers, control valves and many other challenging industrial applications.