Your Application

Our services extend beyond our established markets to encompass many diverse applications.

Your Application

We welcome the opportunity to work in partnership with customers on research, development and test projects to achieve increased performance and greater efficiency at the leading edge of thermal and metallurgical technologies. This service extends beyond our established aerospace, power generation and automotive markets.

Extensive in-house facilities are available where products are tested and evaluated over extended periods in simulated operating conditions. In addition, our metallurgical laboratory is a highly capable modern facility containing a comprehensive array of state-of-the-art test and analytical equipment. Routinely carrying out extensive material testing, analysis and research, the department is dedicated to supporting customers.

The Cross designed fretting rig enables sealing rings to be cyclically abraded along the axis of the bore at preset frequencies and amplitudes. Pressurised air can be applied to accurately simulate expected operating conditions and the rig can be operated in a furnace to reproduce high temperature applications.

Advancing With You

combustion hybrid electric

Cross are advancing and diversifying with trends in the markets. This includes electrification and hybrid designs in the automotive industry.

With our extensive manufacturing capabilities, experienced technical design teams and full quality support, we welcome the opportunity to develop new products for your application.

Mass production or small development batches, Cross are able to support your needs.

Innovative Design

Our extensive test facilities, proprietary design codes and vast manufacturing and machining experience has pioneered some of the most innovative sealing products.

Experienced in LEAF seal designs, PALS (pressure activated leaf seals) and other advance sealing solutions, we look forward to working with you to develop market leading technology.