Side Seals for Rotary Engines

Our side seals for rotary engines are manufactured from high performance steels using our proprietary forging process providing robust cost-effective sealing that’s free of the brittleness issues inherent with traditional cast iron seals.

Side Seals manufactured using our proprietary forging process

The Wankel rotary engine has long been used for automobiles and diesel generators but with the global drive for reducing carbon emissions, it is now being developed for new technologies such as hydrogen powered generators and range-extenders for electric vehicles.

Rolled from high performance steels, our side seals are manufactured using the same facilities and precision processes as our wide range of high-volume turbocharger seal rings for the automotive industry, and provide a cost effective and reliable alternative to cast iron seals.


Greater Fatigue and Wear Resistance

Manufactured from high performance steels, our side seals have many benefits over cast iron equivalents:

  • Improved performance at higher temperatures.

  • Greater fatigue and wear resistance.

  • Designed to your specification.

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