Retaining Rings & Circlips

Cross Retaining Rings and Circlips for use in extreme temperatures and challenging environments benefit from decades of development, design and manufacturing expertise. The Cross proprietary forging process produces high strength and high integrity Retaining Rings and Circlips from alloy wire or rod.

Unrivalled Choice of Materials in Bespoke and Standard Sizes

We offer a complete package for design and manufacture, including the detailed design of customised grooves and housings. Our experience gained over many years is available as a free consultancy service. The choice of materials is complex; advice offered is based on test results from our in-house metallurgical laboratory and experience of making rings in different alloys, such as Waspaloy, Titanium, Inconel 718 and X750 for diverse conditions.
The Cross ranges of Circlips and Retaining Rings are available in any Ø size range 0.2″ (5mm) to 79″ (2000mm). 
Many standard catalogue sizes are held in stock for rapid delivery.

Turbine Blade Retaining Rings for Aerospace and Power Generation

Specially designed Cross Retaining Rings are a well proven method of retaining compressor and turbine blades to the rotating drum in modern aircraft engines, combining a speedy assembly technique with reliable blade retention. Holding the blades in place at high speeds and temperatures demands a rugged and lightweight ring design.

Our proprietary method transforms wire or rod into the required section for engine geometry.  This process offers significant improvements in mechanical properties over rings machined from sheet or forgings, including a very precise circumferential fit and enough spring to hold them in position at operating temperatures up to 800°C.
Rings can be dynamically balanced for optimum rotational performance and produced with a range of gap configurations, many of which have been designed by Cross to meet different engine manufacturers’ specifications.

Highest Quality

The environmentally efficient Cross forging process produces Retaining Rings and Circlips of the highest quality, strength and accuracy, whilst minimising waste and optimising the use of materials.

Retaining Ring Gap Design

Cross Retaining Rings can be manufactured with a range of different gap designs, from widely used types to more specialist applications and high operating temperatures
Stiffness, available space and geometry are all deciding factors in the design, as are axial loads and operating temperatures, up to 800°C.