Sealing Rings

Cross Manufacturing Sealing Rings are manufactured using a proprietary forging process that creates high strength and high integrity products from alloy wire or rod.

Unrivalled Size Range and Material Choice

We apply over eighty years of dedicated experience to the development, design and manufacture of metallic Sealing Rings for long term reliability in high temperature and challenging environments.
Our manufacturing capabilities encompass an unrivalled combination of materials, designs and sizes.

To meet virtually any specific application, our designs include in-springing and out-springing Sealing Rings and Ring Packs, with or without cockle springs.
Virtually any customised sectional requirements are possible.
Sealing Rings with Ø up to 79″ (2000mm) are in regular production.

High Temperature Capabilities

Our proven expertise with material choices facilitates Sealing Ring applications in temperatures of 1000°C.

We hold large stocks of aerospace standard heat resisting alloys, mostly in wire and bar form.

The list includes:
Nimonic® 75; Nimonic® 80A; Nimonic® 90; Nimonic® C.263; Inconel® 600; Inconel® 625; Inconel® 718; Inconel® X.750; Haynes® 25 (L.605); Haynes® 282; Incoloy® A.286; Waspaloy.

High Temperature Applications

Gas and Steam Turbines for Aerospace and Power Generation

We are an approved Sealing Ring supplier to companies in worldwide industries including aerospace, power generation, oil, gas and chemical production. Applications include aircraft and marine engines, gas and steam turbines, power plants, pipeline booster stations and process control.

Sealing rings aerospace power generation

Custom Design

A complete package for design and manufacture of Sealing Rings is available, including the detailed design of customised grooves and housings.

The experience we have gained over many years is available as a consultancy service to our clients.

The choice of materials is complex and we offer advice based on test results from our in-house metallurgical laboratory and experience of making rings in different alloys for a diverse range of conditions.

Sealing Rings

Seal Designs and Configurations

Simple Straight Cut

ring gap straight graphic

Step Gap

ring gap step graphic

Latch Gap

ring gap latch graphic

Side Step Gap

ring gap side step graphic

Scarf Cut Step Gap

ring gap scarf graphic

Customised Gaps

ring gap special graphic

Ring Packs

Single Outspringer

springer illustration 1

Single Inspringer

springer illustration 2

3 Outspringers & 2 Inspringers
to seal on a bore

springer illustration 3

2 Outspringers & 3 Inspringers
to seal on a shaft

springer illustration 4

A pack made up of pairs of
Inspringers & Outspringers

springer illustration 5

Cockle springs

Used to hold the Sealing Ring against the sealing diameter.

Outspringer with Cockle Spring

springer illustration 6

Inspringer with Cockle Spring

springer illustration 8
springer illustration 7

Triangular Sections

Used in special applications

High Conductivity Copper & Spring Steel

springer illustration 9

Stainless Steel & PTFE

springer illustration 10

Gasket & Cockle Spring Pushing Axially

springer illustration 11

Cross Pipe Joint Sealing Rings

Cross Pipe Joint Sealing Rings are designed for sealing gases at high temperatures and pressures. The easy push-fit assembly accommodates up to 3.5° misalignment and the design allows for unrestricted rotational and axial movement.