Our Capabilities

Finding a trusted partner who can offer a complete tailored service from design to manufacturing and implementation isn’t easy, but with our experienced engineers, highly skilled manufacturing staff and 3 dedicated manufacturing plants, we are the ideal partner to find solutions that fit your needs.


Specialist in metallic materials from stainless steels to superalloys and titanium with temperature capabilities up to 1000°C (1832°F).

Extensive testing facilities including high speed pin on disc testing for tribological evaluation, fretting

Unique Metal Forming

Bespoke, in-house designed machinery producing components of the highest precision and integrity.

Our proprietary forging process produces high strength and high integrity products along with extremely efficient material utilisation.

Our processes offers significant improvements in mechanical properties over rings machined from sheet or forgings, including a very precise circumferential fit and strength to maintain position at challenging operating conditions

Size Range & Volume

From prototyping to millions, our routine production encompasses precision rings with Ø 6mm to over Ø 2000mm.

3 dedicated manufacturing sites including automation, specialised cell production for high volume products and precision, highly skilled machining for complex components in the most challenging of applications.

Technical Expertise

Decades of industry experience with knowledgeable, world renowned engineers with a unique approach to design collaboration, product implementation and after sales support.

Our engineering teams are on hand to assist from conceptual design, to system integration and if required, product analysis even after decades of service life.

Special Processes

Understanding our customer needs and the ability to control complex processes in house, our expertise in special processes produces the highest quality products conforming to the tightest of industry standards.

NADCAP Accredited for EDM, welding, heat treatment, NDT, our processes include fluorescent penetrant inspection (FPI), magnetic particle inspection (MPI), vacuum and conventional heat treatment, TIG, plasma and projection welding, wire electro discharge machining (EDM).

Engineered for Space

Our expertise in aerospace and materials development have supported our customers in the exploration of space.

Innovative design, in-house testing facilities, CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and FEA (Finite Element Analysis) are just some of the tools we use in the development in our products to design the best possible solutions to suit the application

Defence Capable

Our capabilities and experience include defence work, supported by our strict quality accreditations, including AS13100 & AS9100 and experience of international defence business monitoring and controls.

Reliability, performance and durability. Our products and manufacturing techniques are the best choice for the harshest of environments, at the cutting edge of modern technology.

Trusted Partner

Our outstanding quality and service makes us the first choice supplier for blue chip companies globally.

Multiple AS13001 DPRV (delegated product release verification) certified staff.

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Through decades of working with OEM’s, across many industries, we have aided our customers in the development of bespoke products from simple spring washers to complex engineered components.

Below is a small selection of products, showcasing our unique capabilities.