Testing & Development

Cross has extensive facilities where products are tested and evaluated over extended periods in simulated operating conditions.

Testing & Development

Since the 1930’s Cross has worked on research, product and process development and test programs. Achieving increased performance and greater efficiency at the leading edge of thermal and metallurgical technologies.

To complement our in house work we have also worked collaboratively with many organisations globally, including.

  • Aircraft Engine Manufacturers
  • Power Generation Gas Turbine Manufacturers
  • Power Generation Steam Turbine Manufactures
  • Race engine manufacturers
  • Turbocharger Manufacturers
  • Corporate Research Establishments
  • National Research Establishments
  • Universities

Facilities include

We have a wide range of facilities available across our sites, these include

  • High temperature ovens, for sealing ring thermal relaxation test
  • High temperature tensile test machine
  • High temperature fatigue machine
  • Scanning Electron Microscopes
  • Transverse vibration rig, for fastener evaluation.
  • Numerous custom static leakage fixtures, for rings and brush seals
  • High temperature piston ring fretting rig, to evaluate tribo-pairs
  • Ambient high speed dynamic test rig, used for brush seals and other dynamic seals
  • Hot high speed transient dynamic test rig, used to test brush and other dynamic seals under realistic cyclic engine operating conditions

Our rigs are very flexible and have full data acquisition systems where appropriate.  We have also built custom rigs for our customers, some of these have used existing engine hardware such as bearings and bearing carriers so the environment is as close as possible to the final application.  

Further details of our test facilities are available in our brochure and also in our white papers section.

Analytical Tools

Cross has a full range of analytical tools available to aid in the design and development of our products and processes, these include.

  • SolidWorks Simulation
  • Adina, structures, thermal and CFD
  • In-house developed codes for Cross products


Cross has worked with many partners over the years, developing new products for a wide range of applications.

We are currently in partnership with the University of Bath and CMGTech on further enhancement of the Pressure Actuated Leaf Seal (PALS) and development of the Film Riding Pressure Activated Leaf Seal (FRPALS).


Over the years we have published many technical articles on work we have carried out, these papers that were presented at ASME, IMechE and AIAA conferences are available to download here in our White Papers section.