Ethics in Business

Ethics in Business

Ethics in Business

Cross is committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and ethics in all our operations and activities. We are also proud to be a responsible employer. Our manufacturing sites operate ethically to meet worldwide and customer-specific requirements for the protection of rights and the environment.

We seek to maintain our company values in everything we do, reaching for the highest standards attainable. Happy to go the extra mile, we want to ensure that we meet your expectations as a customer, whatever your industry sector and country.

A Better Environment

Cross recognise the importance of the environment and our responsibilities within it. We continuously review and monitor with compliance to legal requirements and performance against our own performance improvement targets. Many of our products assist in environmental protection by reducing emissions.

We have held approval to ISO14001 for many years and have implemented many improvements.

Environmental and Energy Policy

Our Policies

In support of ethical objectives, we have implemented policies which can be found here:

Human Rights

Responsible Mineral Sourcing

Privacy Notices