About Cross

Since the 1920’s the Cross Manufacturing Company has specialised in the design and manufacture of heat resisting wrought alloy sealing rings and associated products, combining technology with innovation to achieve world-class quality and precision.

Dedication to Quality

Our dedication to quality and excellence is recognised and appreciated by customers serving the aerospace, automobile, power generation and associated industries throughout the world. Over 90% of our output is exported directly or indirectly.


Complete Design Package

We offer a complete package for the design and manufacture of large diameter metallic seals for use in hot and challenging environments. Diameters in excess of 1800mm are in regular production, operating at temperatures up to 1000°C. Advice on the complexities of material choices is available from our own test results and our experience of making rings in different alloys for diverse applications.

Complete design package

Superior Turbine Performance

We have over 40 years experience in the design, test and manufacture of Aerospace Brush Seals, delivering superior performance under the demanding conditions encountered in gas turbines. In addition to Aerospace, Cross pioneered the introduction of Brush Seals in to the Power Generation industry.

Rings in tube

Millions of Rings​

We are the world’s leading supplier of sealing rings for turbochargers with annual production of over 100 million parts.

Partnered With University of Bath

We are proud to partner with the University of Bath, collaborating on research and development projects and advancing sealing technologies. Cross currently sponsor three PHD students in the department of Aerospace Engineering, developing test rigs for advanced seals and fundamental Research to better understand the application of the products we manufacture, such as brush seals and film riding seals development.

Cross support the next generation of engineers from the University of Bath offering a 12 month placement program for industry experience. With half a decade supporting placements, students have worked on development programs both during and after their placements.