Brush Seals

Cross have pioneered the design, development and manufacture of aerospace and power generation brush seals since 1976, utilizing inhouse test facilities, design tools and bespoke machinery.

Cross have developed the capability of providing sealing solutions tailored to deliver superior performance under the demanding conditions encountered in turbomachinery.

What is a Brush Seal?

A brush seal contains many thousands of fine wires, which touch the rotor, forming an effective barrier to gas flow, whilst retaining the ability to deflect during shaft excursions and thermal movements without permanent loss of sealing efficiency.

Comprehensive Design and Size Range

  • Welded construction gives lowest radial height
  • Wire sizes Ø 0.002” (0,05mm) to 0.008” (0,20mm)
  • Bristle density and angle tailored for application
  • Haynes 25, C276 and other alloys used for bristles
  • Full range of superalloys and stainless steels used for front and back plates
  • One piece Aerospace seals Ø 2″ (50mm) to 40″ (1016mm)
  • Multi Segment Power Gen seals Ø 4″ (100mm) to over 98″ (2500mm)
  • Low hysteresis designs supplied since the early 1990’s
  • Bristle orientation, inwards, outwards and axial facing
  • Unlimited cross section design

Patented, Refurbishable Design

  • Reusable components
  • Customer or Cross refurbishable
  • Full support, procedures and guidance
  • Unique design solutions

Superior Performance Envelope

  • Proven performance in Aerospace and Power Generation Application verified through in house testing at simulated running conditions
  • Maximum surface speed 1260ft/s (384m/s)
  • Maximum temperature 1148oF (620oC)
  • Maximum pressure drop 360psi (24.8 Bar) – per single stage (multi stage designs available)

Typical Brush Seal Sections

A small selection of our typical Brush Seal section where we can incorporate anti-rotation slots and studs, location grooves, knife edge front plate bores and much much more. Cross works with you to find solutions.